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How does a W grade affect my GPA? Is it a bad thing?

Answer ID 1005   |    Published 07/02/2003 02:02 PM   |    Updated 05/21/2015 04:54 PM
How does a W grade affect my GPA? Is it a bad thing? 

When you drop a class and receive a "W," the "W" DOES show up on your transcript. It becomes a part of your official record of coursework at the University.

As far as your GPA is concerned, a "W" at the University of Memphis is not punitive: it has no point value and is not used in calculating your GPA. The "W" simply indicates that you dropped the course. For example, if you made 2 "A"s, 2 "B"s, and a "W" for the semester, only the "A"s and "B"s would be used in calculating your GPA.

Although "W"s do not hurt your GPA, you should avoid accumulating too many of them if you plan to go on to graduate school or to some professional school (law, medical, etc.). Schools for advanced study often do not like to see too many "W"s on an applicant's record. Also, be aware that in certain instances, "W"s can also affect your financial aid, particularly your continued eligibility for Lottery Scholarships. "W" hours do count toward the number of hours covered by Lottery Scholarships.

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