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Why do some of my transfer courses have "LD" or "UD" course numbers?

Answer ID 2358   |    Published 02/22/2012 03:26 PM   |    Updated 05/22/2015 11:29 AM

Why do some of my transfer courses have "LD" or "UD" course numbers?

LD = lower division course (freshman/sophomore); UD = upper division course (junior/senior)

Incoming transcripts are evaluated by Admissions. When a course is determined to be the equivalent of a UM course, you are given credit for the UM equivalent (ex., English 101 from XYZ College = ENGL 1010 at UM).

However, when an incoming course is not deemed the equivalent of any UM course, it is listed on your transcript with a subject area and then a course number of "LD##" or UD##", depending on whether it is considered lower division or upper. You receive general credit for this and other such courses, but they generally will not satisfy specific major requirements. For example, if you made a "B" in English 304 - Novels of Thomas Wolfe at your previous university, this course would likely be listed as ENGL LD01 on your UM transcript because we do not offer that exact course here. 

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